Saturday, 3 November 2007

Will the US attack Iran?

Well the economic sanctions are now in place.
But what next?
It amazes me that the US Republicans are a party that knows what it wants, but not in Iran. The US administration is now caught. I suspect the dithering about whether to attack Iran is because they are having difficulty in working out how they can get a good outcome from doing this.
And yet if they sensibly calculate that nothing good can come from this, then how can they justify the way they encouraged public opinion to expect an attack in the first place?
Surely "chickening out" is what the Democrats do?
So in making a choice, they are dammed either way. But for how long can they go on without making a choice?
We still have a year of Bush rule, is he going to dither for that long? And what will they say about it on the campaign trail?
And what is Labour going to say? They supported the Isreali invasion of Lebonan, but things have changed since then. Will they support bombing Iran, or do they agree with Jack Straw that bombing Iran is "Nuts"?
Jack Staw lost his job soon after he said that of course.

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