Monday, 26 November 2007

Charles Kennedy speaks at our AGM

As secretary of Hackney Lib Dems, I have to organise the AGM. In fact I organise a lot of what we do in Hackney.
Last year I started too late, so this year I am determined not to repeat the error.
I wanted a speaker who would get a lot of our members to come along. I wanted a venue that could hold a lot of people. And it all came together. Charles Kennedy agreed to come. And thanks to Meral, we secured the Alevi Centre, a superb venue for our event.
As organiser I did feel anxious, but it was a great success. Charles was delayed by a vote in the commons, but Brian got things started, and when Charles did arrive he gave an excellent speech.
I asked him to speak on civil liberties, and he particularly emphasised the shocking statistics on Stop and Search, and how ethnic and religious minorities are unfairly targetted by the police.
This is the second big event I organised this year. Earlier I invited Chris Huhne over for our garden party, and now I have to think about next year ...
I have some ideas, I hope they come off.

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